Ginger Chard Scramble

Ginger Chard ScrambleI mentioned in the previous post that things have been busy around NorCal S&C and that has affected not only my posting but also my food prep. Things as mundane as chopping veggies or prepping meat just feel like they take too long and I really lack the will sometimes to do much in the way of cooking.

The first thing to take from this is that I’m too damn busy and things need to change…that change is under way but i just need to suck it up for a bit longer until things quiet down. The second thing to take from this is you can ALWAYS fit in healthy, paleo/Zone meals. I’m allergic to everything, so I have no options to slide into crappy food choices, but if I can pull this off, anyone can. One thing that i have done is shifted to more roasts, whole turkey and chickens for my protein. Minimal prep and I get perhaps 2 days of meals from one effort. I have also shifted most of my greenery to things like frozen veggies and bags of chard and collards available at Trader Joes. Is this optimal? No, but its better than Twinkies and it requires virtually no time to throw together. Case in point is the scramble I have pictured here. I put a generous portion of olive oil in a pan, threw in some diced ginger, let that cook for ~2 min, added 1/2 bag of TJ’s chard mix and then 6 Omega eggs. Total prep was less than 10 minutes and virtually no slicing or dicing. Garnish the whole mess with sesame oil and it is AWESOME!

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    Those look like the white deep bowls IKEA sells. Love ’em, and they’re great for determining a reasonable portion. Meal in a bowl. I also make great use of TJ’s frozen veggies (as well as the fresh and the fruit).

    Just came across you from either De Vany, Sisson, or Conditioning research, don’t know which, or one led to the other, but great blog.

    I’m over the hill in San Jose.

    Hey Richard!
    I thank that one was World Market, but not 100% on that. If you ever get to our neighborhood stop by and say hi!

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