Machaca Scramble

Machaca Scramble

I posted this over at the NorCal site but I’m likely to cross post the recipes here. Sorry for the clunky start!

Brown 1/2lb ground grass-fed meat (Ours was buffalo). Add ~1-3Tbsp of chili powder, 1Tsp cumin powder, dash of cinnamon and 1Tbsp coco powder. mix ingredients over high heat, browning meat and mixing spices. Scramble 6 Omega-3 eggs and add to the meat. Stir to prevent sticking, cook thoroughly. Serve with Cafe La llave espresso.
Time to completion:6-10 min.

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  1. Sully says


    Awesome recipe. I made it as rx’d with the buffalo.

    To all who are considering: don’t be shy with the chili pepper! I added Frank’s Hot Sauce and a dash of sea salt to the finished product. Great!

    Thanks Sully!
    I wish folks were a little more experimental in the kitchen. You will ruin a few meals but you will find many more that you love.

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